Halo Infinite Co-Op Delayed: Do We Have a New Release Date?

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The 8th of December, 2021. Remember this date, as this is when we’re getting the Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign and Forge mode. It would be such a shame for something to happen and the release date to get changed. Right?

Well, we come with not so pleasant news, but bare with us. We are here to make things clear.

The Head of Creative for Halo Infinite stated that Season 2 is the next in line to be released, but Season 1 has been extended by three months, leading to May 2022. So we still have to wait about half a year for Season 2. And Forge will be launched with Season 3, but we don’t have a precise release date for that.

And we should also take into account that things can change at all times, and if something comes up and takes priority, we would have to wait even more.

Staten said that, for now, their goal remains the same – to deliver the campaign co-op with Season 2 and Forge with Season 3. But they cannot set precise release dates now due to the fact that priorities, well…take priority. A team will make the decisions and will see all of their options before creating a list of priorities. They promise to keep us posted at all times.

Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign is good to be played at the moment. It’s just that the development team wants to be extra cautious and take extra time to make sure that everything’s well and everything works as it is supposed to.

The single-player campaign – the only one available in the game now – was delayed, as well, in the beginning.  So we are going to trust them and wait for the glorious final and stable version.


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