Battlefield Hardline Gets a New Hotwire Mode Trailer

While we are a good couple of months away from the release date for Battlefield Hardline, the developers at Visceral games and Electronic Arts have revealed a quick trailer for the game.

The new video that was released officially on YouTube gives a glimpse into the Hotwire mode that will be part of the game when it launches. Compared to other modes which are more like robbing a bank or making an escape with the steal, this will be purely based on vehicular combat.

From the video we saw, it began with two robbers stealing a car that initiates a high speed chase. Soon, more cop cars driven by players join the heat and they start going behind these robbers. Both these cars get some support from the water as well as robbers and cops use high speed jets to hinder the pursuit.

Draining Tickets with Cars

The Hotwire mode will have marked cars scattered across the map. As soon as you get into one of the cars, the enemy’s tickets will start draining. As long as you are inside the vehicle, they will lose more tickets and their objective is to make sure they blow the vehicle to win the game. The speed with which these tickets drain is usually quick especially when you take it down during a jump, by setting up roadblocks or trying to control the important resources.

RPGs are considered to be the most important of them all as they have the power to turn the game in your favor. The video definitely looks great and promising. It looks like Visceral games have been making a lot of changes to the game so as to justify it as an all new title.

More Game Modes in Making

Hotwire is just one game mode in Battlefield Hardline which also promises many others to look forward to. The confirmed modes so far include Blood Money, Heist, Rescue and one with cash escape. Everything looks promising so far and Visceral games is doing their best to make the game look unique. Earlier, the first beta opened to negative response because most players felt that the game looked too much like Battlefield 4 and hardly had any new elements to justify the price tag. The company is a new statement said that they have delayed is so as to add more innovation to the single and multiplayer aspects of the title.


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