Minecraft 1.8 Update for 14w32a Snapshot Top Graphics Features Red Standstone and Light Mixing

Mojang claimed that there will be no new features added for the Minecraft 1.8 Update, but it seems that a couple of new changes did come along with Minecraft snapshop 14w32a.

Minecraft 1.8 Update began at the end of 2013, and many fans thought that the 1.8 Update was already available by now. From how the new snapshop 14w32a looks like, the fans still have to wait some weeks before it will be finally released. Minecraft snapshop 14w32a comes with a new armor that you can use to decorate the village, your home etc.

The first image of the armor was released a few days ago, even if many didn’t know how they could use that vaguely humanoid stand. However, Minecraft’s developers modified the original texture and included the armor stand recipe on the patch notes for Minecraft snapshot 14w32a.

Minecraft snapshot 14w32a also comes with new textures for some items, which players can collect from rabbits and sheep, and a new red sandstone block that it will probably be added into some new and old Minecraft biomes.

If you ever wished to change the color of the light emitted by beacons, you will be glad to hear that you will be able to do this, with the new system that allows the players to change the hue by using stained glass.

Likewise other snapshots, 14w32a comes with a lot fixes for many bugs. One of them was when you would drop something into the water and there was no “splash” sound heard.

If you like to see what else has been added/fixed, you may want to see the change log, which can be found on the reddit website.


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