GTA 5 – Rockstar Grants Custom Themed Consoles for Contest Winners

Rockstar has been going really successful with their latest launch and they are now holding a contest where players would be able to win custom consoles themed based on the GTA 5 title.

The consoles are pure black with logos imprinted on them and have a green lined finish near the bluray disc zone. It looks exceptionally unique and even if you are not an ardent fan of the series, you may still love to own this one because of the uniqueness that it offers. The custom designed Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles are the grand prizes for this contest while runner-ups will be rewarded with other goodies that would make their effort worthwhile.

Limited Edition Consoles

GTA 5 already got released last year on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. A sense of doubt prevailed when the same game got launched one more time for the new generation consoles but Rockstar finally managed to clear any issues and witness amazing sales once again. In order to celebrate this successful and grand launch, the developers decided to come up with these custom consoles to thank their players for the support rendered.

In their competition announcement page on the official website, the company said, “These new custom themed Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles feature a Grand Theft Auto V black on black design while the metal panels on the top use accents and deep green perforation to mark that is unique compared to the original hardware. The similarities do not end there because the green and black colored design has been carried forward with the custom controllers as well so that everything talks of GTA 5 when you own them. While this is not a unique idea, it definitely looks good and it will be a worthy addition if you haven’t bought the console yet.

More Merchandise

While the console is the grand prize, players will also receive GTA 5 themed goodies and merchandise that they can show off in their place. The gears that they are going to give out as part of this contest will soon be available as separate retail items in the Rockstar warehouse. The company didn’t specify when they plan to bring the merchandise out for open sale but it may most probably be during the end of the year or when the game finally launches for PC in the month of January next year. Stay tuned to know when it becomes officially available.

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