Overview Of GoPro – Professional Guide To Filmmaking Book

These days, GoPro is synonymous with extreme sports and action, among other things. The company’s wearable and mountable cameras can capture breathtaking moments with ease. A number of GoPro cameras are currently available for purchase. Of course, everyone from amateur filmmakers to professional athletes can use these devices to great effect. Users can create short films, montages, and showcases, depending upon their own desires.

A new book is available to help people use GoPro cameras to their full potential

Bradford Schmidt and Brandon Thompson penned GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking. Both individuals are lead members of GoPro’s media team, so they have intimate knowledge of filmmaking with these devices. Fortunately, GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking is accessible to amateur and professional photographers and filmmakers alike. Readers will gain tips and invaluable information concerning GoPro’s cameras. The book is even packed with tons of other features and extras that can’t be found elsewhere.

What exactly does the book cover?

Across 312 pages, the book covers a variety of topics related to GoPro and taking incredible shots. Information specific to the HERO 4 camera is available, but every GoPro camera is detailed. Schmidt and Thompson tell readers about the history of the company, plus details about themselves. Without a doubt, readers can’t get such insider knowledge of the company from anywhere else. There are interviews from athletes and filmmakers that use GoPro regularly, too. Pictures and other supplements are available throughout the book.

Obviously, most individuals will pick the book up for its content on filmmaking with GoPro’s devices. The authors go through the basic and advanced settings of each camera. Different shooting and capture modes are covered in depth, too. From there, Schmidt and Thompson move onto mounts, including popular rigs and experimental ones for the perfect shots. Shooting principles comprise a large chunk of the book, and then editing techniques are touched upon to provide the finishing touches on each film.

Is the book worth picking up and reading?

Anyone that uses a GoPro camera can benefit from Schmidt and Thompson’s book. They have insider knowledge on the cameras and know exactly how to use them to create fantastic films. Luckily, even amateur GoPro users can learn how to create incredible short or long-form films with their devices. Professionals can improve their mounted camera shots and get their editing perfected. This book has the information and tips to help anyone improve their GoPro works.

It’s Available At Bookstores and Online

Pre-orders for GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking began months ago, and the book releases on November 28, 2014. It’s available in ebook and printed formats at a reasonable price. No GoPro enthusiast should find themselves continuing on without this useful book. By writing the book, both authors have created an invaluable resource for fans and users of GoPro’s cameras. Since the book covers every model of GoPro, there’s no reason a person should pass on this work. So much is covered within each page, and this makes the book a great value.

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