GTA 5 Mods Are In, Play as a Deer, Cat or a Horse

Ever before Rockstar confirmed whether GTA 5 is coming to PC or not, players were excited because they just couldn’t stop thinking about mods.

Now, the dreams have come true and you could play as a deer, if you wish!

While the game got released almost two years ago, PC players opine that the game’s full potential has been unlocked only now. The mods have started pouring in and Grand Theft Auto V is easily one game where you have lots of areas to expand. After all, the world is exceptionally large with lots of things to do and apart from the wide range of people; the game even has a lot of wild animals. Some creative modder has thought of this idea and somehow they have managed to make it possible. ScriptHook is the one that has made it possible and if you are really curious to play as a deer, you can get it online and start roaming the world as a timid animal.

Be a Fish, Chimp

You can actually be anything you wish right from being a deer to a fish and a chimp. Be anything you wish to be! GTA 5 actually allows you to make your wildest dreams come true. All of them have been made possible with the help of these trainers. If you have already managed to complete the single player mission, you can go online or simply roam the world as any animal you wish to be.

The trainer has been revealed in a lot of videos and one of them has been posted below for your convenience. Go through it and you might get an idea how the game looks with the trainer turned on. So far, Rockstar has not created a fuss about the cheat codes and trainers that are being used in the single player. As long as you don’t try to take them to the multiplayer matches, you are completely safe and have nothing to worry about.

Longterm Playability

The PC version of GTA 5 has just launched and players are yet to explore the best aspects of the game. The game made millions on its launch date and even though the multiplayer aspects are extremely fun, it looks like players love spending more time in single player missions, so far. Details related to online heists are sparse, but we are sure that the game has long lasting gameplay that will be enjoyed by everyone.

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