GoPro Hero vs Xiaomi Yi Action Cam – Which Ones Truly Wins?

The Xiaomi company has really earned a name for itself among Indian and Central Asian Smartphone users. With their handset developments like the Mi 3 and the Mi4, the Chinese company has been in the news for a while. Even knowing this, Xiaomi still has more tricks up its sleeve.

The GoPro Hero now has some stiff competition from Xiaomi, even if only in China for now. For the time being, the Yi Action Camera will only be up for sale in China, Xiaomi is offering the device for only 399 Chinese Yuan (about $64 USD), much less than its rival, the GoPro, which usually retails for around $130.

So why exactly is the Xiaomi company’s new Yi Action Cam more worthy of your attention than the GoPro Hero? Here are 5 noteworthy details of this camera:

The Best Pocket-Camera Out There?

Xiaomi’s Yi Action Camera supports 16 million pixels and comes equipped with a super wide-angle lens. With the camera weighing just 72 grams, if you’re always on the go, this is a great option if you don’t want to haul anything heavy around and still take awesome photos, which are transferrable anytime via its internal WiFi connection.

Wide-Angle 155º Double Vision Lens

The Yi Action Camera comes with a shock-resistant 155º super wide-angle double vision lens, and auto-focuses quickly, giving you natural, professional-looking image quality every time.

Resistant to Most Weather Conditions

Xiaomi’s Yi Action Camera can also be used in almost all natural conditions. So long as it’s in its waterproof shell, it works as deep as 40 meters underwater, up on frozen mountains or in the desert aridity.

Simple Additional Equipment for Even Better Images

You can attach the Yi Action Camera to just about anything, like a helmet, a car’s dashboard or your pet (provided that this seems like a good idea).

Back-Illuminated Sony Exmor R CMOS

The 16-megapixel comes with a back-illuminated Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor, designed to handle high sensitivity and low noise, giving you excellent quality video images, even in cloudy, low-light, or nighttime conditions.

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