GoPro Hero 4 – How to Start Use and Take Stunning Photos

The top rated GoPro Hero4 camcorders are proving to be a big success in the consumer market as more people looking for high quality photos and video images get to buy them at relatively low prices.

These new GoPro models are well suited for both beginners and professional photographers. So how can use these cameras to start and take stunning photos?

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this in the shortest time possible;

  1. Frame Your Shots

GoPro Hero4 cameras are manufactured with a built-in touch display that allows users to adjust settings much easily and therefore be able to frame their shots for stunning photos. You can easily do this by following the simplified menus that make setting navigation much easier. This allows users to control the camera for personalized images. Do not just click the shutter button; frame your shots into memorable photo images that will capture every detail of the happy moment.

  1. Take Multiple Photos 

The newly released GoPro Hero4 camera is developed with a fast powerful photo capture technology that will make you have multiple photos within a single click. This modern camera captures high quality 12MP photos at speeds of up to 30 fps. As you may probably have noted, this is a great improvement from previous models that cannot process photos at this speed. Taking multiple photos will give you a wide variety to choose the best of the best images for your application.

  1. Make Proper Use of the GoPro App

The GoPro camcorders are also designed with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to the highly rated GoPro App. With proper utilization of this app, your photos will always be eye-catching to your audience. The camera also uses Smart remote technology to enhance your experience as you take memorable photos. GoPro App will also allow you to adjust and control ISO limit, picture quality, exposure and much more with ease.

  1. Do not forget to Use the Customizable Exposure Settings

These new settings are available in the new GoPro Hero4 model and allow you to automatically adjust time lapse, frame rates, sound capture, FOV settings and many more. All these customizable settings are developed for both professional and beginner photographers who would like to add up personalized themes, statements or effects on their images. Stunning photos with a twist of customized effect can be captured easily by using these exposure settings.

  1. Capture Every Moment with the help of Time Lapse Mode

Shoot photos automatically at set time intervals from half a second to one minute with ease. The GoPro Hero4 camcorder allows you to take amazing photos even when the shutter button is completely out of reach. Mount your camera on an appropriate gear, set the time lapse and pose for stunning photos as the camera captures them automatically.

Time lapse mode fits in well when you are alone and would not like to miss out on any happy moment that you are having. For beginners, this comes in handy as it helps them capture and edit their photos without much criticism from a second party.

It is important to realize that the secret to capturing stunning photos depends on how much effort you will put on knowing your GoPro Hero4 camcorder like the back of your hand. You should go through the user guide, master it and seek help from professional photographers whenever you are finding it difficult to capture your images the way you would like them to be. Make it an habit to capture photos more frequently with your GoPro Hero4 camcorder. This will help you in becoming a professional.

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