Top 10 Google Play Free Apps – Improve Your Android Phone with Some Great Apps

The Google Play application store has expanded in recent years; so it now has a wide variety of apps that can fulfill your every need.

It can be really difficult to decide which apps are worth downloading, since there are really too many of them out there. Here is the list of top 10 free apps for your new Android handset that will hopefully improve the functionality and add fun to your phone.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is probably the most polished app on Android. It has only few bugs and rarely crashes; so it’s a really reliable app. While your friends probably use different mobile messengers, odds are that most people you message with already have a Facebook account. This great little messenger is clean, simple, has loads of amazing stickers and is capable of sending videos.

Google Authenticator

Neat two-step authentication with Google Authenticator will safeguard nearly all of your online accounts. Once you register, whenever you have to log into services like PayPal, Dropbox or LastPass, you will insert a time-sensitive code that GA provides for you to login.

Avast-Mobile Security & Antivirus

This is a powerful and free antivirus app which will scan all installations and downloads for trojans and hidden software. It provides protection while you use internet-enabled applications or search the web.

Opera Max

This amazing free service will crunch down the size of your images and video, save you about a third to almost half of general data usage and has the ability of speeding up website load time.


This free app allows you to share your discoveries and creations, as well as to re-blog things you find on Tumblr.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

With just a couple of taps, your traffic is coded and routed through secure servers that keep your activities safe. So, if you have to check some sensitive information like your bank account, over a public Wi-Fi, this is the best way to go.

Circle of 6

This app is amazing for situations when you have to discreetly and quickly get support from your friends. With two fast taps you will send three text messages (your GPS location and an inquiry to be picked up, as well as a demand to your friends to rapidly get in touch with you) to 6 of your contacts.



This is a great free app from Google that allows you not only to message your contacts, but also to make free video calls with up to 12 participants if you own a Google+ account.


This great messaging app provides its users with the ability not only to text, but also to share images, audio messages and videos with other users.


This movie-making sensational app gives you the ability of shooting live video on your Android phone and sharing it through social networks, as well as browsing Vines from other users.

This is just the list of some great apps available for free at the Google Play Store, but there are many others out there too, so make sure to spruce up your phone with some amazing new applications.

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