Review of the Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cases

Samsung is known for making some of the best products on the market, which includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As the successor to the Galaxy 3, this android smartphone was first revealed in March of last year and welcomed by consumers looking to buy the best of the best. In addition to a sleeker design, the Note 4 is loaded with new and exciting features.

As a relatively high-priced phone, one of the first accessory items a user should buy is a case. The challenge is that in addition to cases offered by Samsung, there are a number of universal cases on the market. These include folios, shells, and kickstand models made from aluminum, plastic and even rubber tire tread with prices starting as low as $25 and going up to $75 or more.

With such a wide array of options, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide a review of those deemed to be the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases available.

  • Ballistic Aspira Series Case – Considered among the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases, this is priced around $30 and boasts reinforced corners and unique shock-absorbing rubber. The case is also available in beautiful colored patterns.
  • Belkin Slim Fit – This particular case is different in that it fits around the arm, giving the user quick and easy access to the headphone cabling. With Samsung now offering the S-Health features, this particular case has become popular among joggers and other people on the go. Although it is priced around $35, the case can be purchased for much less by shopping around.
  • Belkin Wallet Folio – Belkin also offers a sleek wallet folio with stand for about $40. Made specifically for the Galaxy Note 4, it features a combination case, wallet, and stand. It is also made from beautiful natural leather in a choice of tan or black.
  • Case-Mate – Also considered among the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases sold, the brushed aluminum design provides a smart look that is ideal for busy executives. The case also offers bumpers around the edges for the ultimate protection. Case-Mate sells Glitter and Trend cases as well.
  • Griffin Survivor – For someone who wants a sportier look, this is an ideal selection. The case sells between $35 and $50 depending on where it is purchased, and based on design, it protects against rain, shock, dirt, and sand.
  • Id America Cushi Band – This is a great minimal case and while it can be purchased for under $10, it still offers decent protection to include bumper wraps around the edges of the Galaxy Note 4.
  • iFrogz Breeze – Another low-cost but excellent case is the iFrogz Breeze. Made with a shock-absorbing TPU exterior that includes perforations, the case allows the Note 4 to breathe while still providing added grip as well as a raised edge.
  • iLub Jstyle – Many users rate this as the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case based on its slim dimensions and built-in wallet. In addition to carrying a few credit cards, with this case an individual can carry cash, a driver’s license, and other small items. The only drawback is the $65 price tag.
  • Mophie Juice Pack – For the person who wants only top-of-the-line products, this case is it. For one thing, it has a great built-in battery case but for an average price of $95, it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Otterbox Defender – When talking about the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases, most people immediately recognize the Otterbox name. This rugged case takes protection to a whole new level by featuring a multi-layered protection design to include a belt-clip holster and at a price of $40.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Cover – For about $45, this Samsung case is designed to replace the back cover of the Note 4. It also comes with an attached, flip-out cover, a cutout window on the front, and it is available in seven great colors.
  • Speck SmartFlex Card – With a reasonable price of $35, this Note 4 case comes in black, red, and blue, it offers flexible protection, and has a side-loading slot design that can hold up to three credit cards.
  • Spigen Galaxy – Many people are surprised that this genuine leather case is only $30. The case is also designed with a protective front flap to include a cutout window.
  • Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case – For about $80, an individual can be the proud owner of this hard shell case that slides in and out easily of the detachable 2,350mAh battery pack. For a more modern look, Tylt also has a Retro case for the Galaxy Note 3 that is embossed and textured.

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  • X-Doria Dash Icon – While users of all ages consider this to be among the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases, it is extremely popular among the younger crowd for its affordable price of $20 and colorful prints combined with inlaid fabrics.
  • Seidio Surface – This case has an average price of $40 but considering it comes with a retractable kickstand, low-profile design, and comes in many different colors, it is a great product at a great price.
  • Puregear Gamer – The last of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases is made by Puregear, known for making high quality products. This particular case is carefully outlined with a solid polycarbonate border and has a transparent back cover with underneath maze. On average, this case is sold for around $45.


It is important when looking over the list of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases that the final choice is really based on the user’s preference. However, with so many different brands and features available, finding the right match is easy.

If wanted, an individual can go directly to Samsung’s website where a wide selection of cases is sold but for bargains, we suggest looking at Amazon and other online auction sites. However, it is important to always purchase from a reputable seller, someone who provides a money-back guarantee if the item were defective in any way upon delivery.

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