Are Google Crypto Payments Possible?

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Will Google start using crypto as way of payment? Google has slowly started to make its way into the cryptocurrency world, and Google crypto payments may happen sooner than expected.

Many other giant names are also moving to the cryptocurrency world – Facebook with Diem Coin and Amazon with its Digital Currency being in the talks. So we’ve heard that Google has been paying a lot more attention to cryptocurrency lately.

The company has entered some partnerships with leading crypto exchanges, as it wants to expand its crypto services. The company has also entered some strategic alliances with Gemini and Bakkt in their way of exploring the cryptocurrency world. Here is all you need to know about this.

Will Google come with support for cryptocurrency payments?

As of now, Google has not released any official statements about this, but it seems that they are working towards it. According to numerous sources, Google has hired former PayPal executive Arnold Goldberg, who is bound to assist the company in expanding its financial payment services. They will probably do it when they update the Google’s wallet features, which can be used through Google Pay. Google already supports vaccine passes and digital tickets, so it might as well support cryptocurrency payments.

This does not actually mean that Google will make these changes all of a sudden. But keeping in mind the recent partnership, they might slowly start to dive in.

Google has already formed corporate alliances with Coinbase and Bitpay. The company wants to offer a service that allows users to buy crypto by spending fiat currency via debit or credit cards. With its partnership with Bitpay, they also want to allow users to use the exchange to pay for goods via Google Pay using fiat currency.

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