Google Play Store v5.5.12 APK – Download And Install For Android

Google Play Store is one of the main applications on Android devices. This is the official Android store that contains games, applications, movies and other stuff and you will need Google Play Store to search for games and applications, then install them on your smartphone/tablet by tapping the “Install” button. Once you do that, Google Play Store will download and install the selected application/game.

Google Play Store v5.5.12 comes with a lot of crash fixes which can make the application run smoother than before. So, if you want Google Play Store to be more stable and to run without any problems, we suggest you to download and install the version 5.5.12 on your Android device.

Google Play Store version 5.5.12: Downloading and Installing the official store on your Android device

First of all, you will need to download the APK (installation) file of Google Play Store 5.5.12. This file can be found on the internet, so just do a simple search on Google for “Google Play Store 5.5.12 APK” and download it on your device.

After downloading the Google Play Store 5.5.12 APK file from the internet, you will need to manually install it. This is not very hard, but you will need to activate an option or else your device will not allow you to install the “unofficial” APK file that you’ve just downloaded.

This option is called Unknown Sources and can be activated with ease. Depending on the Android OS version your device is running, you will need to go to Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Once you ach one of these two locations, check the box in front of Unknown Sources to enable the feature.

Now, since you have Unknown Sources activated, go to the location where you’ve saved Google Play Store 5.5.12 APK and tap on it to start installing the new Google Play Store version.

HINT: Keep in mind that in order to install Google Play Store 5.5.12 APK, your device will need to run on Android version 2.3 or later.

Have you tried the Google Play Store 5.5.12 yet? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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