Google Play Music All Access – Get Entire Google Play Music Library and Radio for Free

The Google Play Store is home to every aspect you’d ever want to have on your Android smartphone or tablet.


This app store provides users with a market where they can shop for apps they want to use on their phones, be it for messaging, calling, gaming, work purposes, emails, music and many others.

In this article, we will show you how you can get access to free music and radio using the Google Play Music All Access service. This application usually requires the users to subscribe before they can access the services of the app. However, this is no more and not just for a few days, but for a whole two months, which is honestly a long time of listening to free music.

Google Play Music All Access trial period extended by 30 days

Google Play Music All Access was offering these free services for a limited period of 30 days; however, this has been extended to 60 days and now you can make use of these free services before the trial period expires.

The good thing with this free trial of Google Play Music All Access is that it does not just give you full access to the whole Android music library, but you will also be able to listen to free radio as well. Furthermore, all these comes without any sort of ads on the interface, which is a very hard thing to come by in most free or trial versions of applications. Once the two months trial period has expired, the users will be forced to revert to the usual subscription of $9.99 per month.

There is a catch to using this new Google Play Music All Access free version. You must be registering or subscribing for the service for the first time in order to get this full access to the Android music library. Furthermore, the free offer is currently available for dwellers of North America only. If you are using this application and you are eligible for this trial, you will notice that the 30-day trial period displayed in the notification has changed to 60-day free trial.

The next thing is to sign up for the service as usual and you can start enjoying your huge collection of music as well as internet radio for the next two months.

Spotify makes a swift move to match Google’s offer

As if to respond to what Google has implemented, Spotify is also making offers of its own where users can make use of a discounted trial period. Only 99 cents are required for a 3-months premium membership.

The choice is yours. Pick the streaming music service that best suits your entertainment needs – whether it’s the free option or the very cheap option.

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