WhatsApp Web Feature Download – Setting Up On iPhone

WhatsApp’s developers didn’t release a full version for desktop PC, but instead they’ve brought a new feature called WhatsApp Web. This feature allows you to access your WhatsApp account via the Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox (only these three browsers are supported for now).

The downside of this feature is that it doesn’t work if you don’t keep your smartphone connected to the internet and the WhatsApp client open. This is because the messages that you receive on WhatsApp on your smartphone are getting mirrored to the WhatsApp Web on your desktop PC.

When WhatsApp’s developers released the WhatsApp Web feature, a lot of iPhone users were quite disappointed because this feature was firstly released for Android. However, soon enough, WhatsApp Web came to Windows Phone 8.0, Windows 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 and BlackBerry.

The developers officially confirmed that WhatsApp Web will soon hit iOS, but they didn’t specify a date when this will happen.

WhatsApp Web and how it works

WhatsApp Web allows you to use your Mac or PC to log into your WhatsApp account. By using WhatsApp Web Enabled on your iOS, you will be able to activate this feature on your device without having to wait for WhatsApp’s developers to release it.

How to setup WhatsApp Web Enabled on your iPhone

1. Install WhatsApp Web Enabled from the internet
2. Launch the settings application, scroll down and tap on WhatsApp Web Enabler
3. On the top of the tweak you will notice the Kill Switch. Switch the enabler button on
4. Launch the WhatsApp application, select Settings from the bottom right corner and tap on WhatsApp Web
5. Now go to your PC, open one of the three supported browsers and head to web.whatsapp.com
6. Scan the QR code using your iPhone and get connected to your WhatsApp account on your computer.

You can also disable or enable this tweak whenever you want via your iPhone Settings.  

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