Google Maps 8.1.0 (801000802) APK Latest Version Free Download-Enhance Your Navigation with Great New Google Maps Features

This amazing navigating application will help you manage your ways through towns, countries and any places you need to get to.

It will provide you with fast and helpful navigation information, so you won’t have any problems finding all the amazing places in town. Although most of us suppose that mapping app’s task is just to show your actual location, as well as roads and other relevant landmarks in the world, this Google’s map application is a proof that even a quite common sounding map tool is indeed so much more, given that Google Maps app boasts navigation, traffic info, 3D views and Street View into one comprehensive navigating tool.

Google Maps Features

Most of us are probably used to utilizing map apps to determine which our actual location is, and also to gain instructions on how to get from one point to another. Even if you happen to have GPS disabled on your device, the Google Maps app is capable of using the nearby Wi-Fi access points to determine your current location, so it can then procure you with turn by turn directions and navigate you to your destination. With Google Maps, you will easily discover and get precise directions for restaurants, museums, landmarks and more, thanks to its feature which enables you to look for places and businesses. There is always an option for simple general directions for those who don’t want turn by turn navigating instructions.

If you have Google Maps app installed on your device, Google Latitude support will allow you to determine your current location, compared to your friends. Furthermore, some helpful information such as traffic can be used to utilize layers in order to look at maps in different ways. Google Maps application ensures precise, detailed maps in over 220 territories as well as countries and also features voice-guided GPS navigation for biking, driving, and walking. It boasts transit maps and instructions for over 15,000 world’s towns and cities and auto rerouting for discovering the best route, as well as live traffic conditions and incident reports. You will also find it very helpful that Google Maps features detailed information and descriptions on more than 100 million places in the world and Street View as well as indoor imagery for museums, restaurants and more.

New and Latest Google Maps Features

The new Google Maps versions provide support for the NFS chip, detected in some Android devices that could be utilized to share information amid devices or to activate location based offers. Three dimensional maps are a great way for discovering what is nearby and for getting our bearing. We already mentioned the Street View that has really helpful and useful options for easily figuring out where you are, as well as determining where you need go and also an offline catching option, which will ensure mapping even when you are disconnected from the Internet. There are a few amazing upgrades in the latest Google Maps 8.1.0 (801000802) version, such as the ability to view custom maps shared with or created by you in Google My Maps. There are also some bug fixes, and an improved photo uploader for sharing your best photos of places.

As you can see, Google Maps is not just a plain map app that provides only basic mapping and traffic information, but also a comprehensive navigation tool with many amazing and helpful but fun features, as well.

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