WhatsApp Plus Version 1.90 And WhatsApp Plus Reborn 1.8 APK Free Download

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial application that gets updated frequently and now, a new version was just released. The latest WhatsApp Plus version is now 1.90 and WhatsApp Plus Reborn is 1.80.

You can now download WhatsApp Plus v1.90 or WhatsApp Plus Reborn v.180 from the internet and install it on your Android device without any problems. However, before we teach you how to install it on your Android device, we’re going to tell you a bit of the features that WhatsApp Plus comes with.

WhatsApp Plus Features


WhatsApp Plus can be customized the way you want and allows you to change sizes, colors and other things.

Upload up to 50MB

The official WhatsApp application allows you to upload media files of up to 16MB per file. However, by using WhatsApp Plus you will be able to upload up to 50MB per file.

Picture doesn’t get resized

The official WhatsApp application will resize a picture if it’s too big. WhatsApp Plus will not do this and you will send a picture without getting it resized.

Share music

You will be able to share music with just a tap.

Copy/paste a part of a text

Using WhatsApp Plus you will be able to select a part of a text and copy it. This is great if you want to share a part of conversation with a friend.

Watch Status

By using WhatsApp Plus v1.90 you will be able to watch a status directly in the chat screen.

Hiding profile pictures

WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide the profile pictures of your contacts and instead it will show the phonebook pictures in the chat screen.


WhatsApp Plus comes with built-in themes which can be activated to make the application look unique.

Installing WhatsApp Plus v1.90 and WhatsApp Plus Reborn v1.80 APK

To install any of these two applications on your Android device you will firstly have to uninstall the official WhatsApp application. After that, you will have to enable the Unknown Sources option, which will allow you to install APK files that have been downloaded from third party sources. Depending on your Android OS version this option is found on either Settings->Applications or Settings->Security.

Once you get this option enabled, you will be able to install WhatsApp Plus v1.90 APK or WhatsApp Plus Reborn v1.80 APK on your Android device and use the great features that they come with.

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