Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One Receives a Patch Update, Official Change Log

The developers of Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions, 4J studios is a busy lot as the company has been working on releasing multiple updates for their game.

The community is ever growing with more players being added to it on a daily basis. In recent news, it has been confirmed that some schools in select regions have picked Minecraft as an educational title. They plan to use it to teach students the basics of building a world, economy, survival, trade among many other functions. It is being said that the syllabus will focus only on adventure mode and creative mode because other modes have zombies, among other issues, to deal with. As they are not considered appropriate for young children, the teachers will stick to the select modes.

Changelog for Xbox 360 Edition

4J studios confirmed in their Twitter account that a small patch update has been rolled out for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. It is the title update 23, but compared to the previous title updates, this will easily win the first prize for being the smallest of them all. They have also posted an official change log for this launch in the official Minecraft forums.

With the rollout, the developers fix four different issues in the game. If you have been wondering whether there will be more performance improvements and updates, you will be surprised to know that it is exactly four issues that are being fixed this time. We are not sure as to why they would roll out such a tiny title update, but maybe due to fans repeatedly requesting a fix, this launch might have taken place.

The split screen gaming is an important aspect for the game, but players reported that there were issues with other players as well as the mobs. They go invisible for no reason, which has been identified as a bug and received a fix along with the title update 23. Similarly, if you have been playing the game for multiple hours without a break, it crashed. The problem is isolated, only faced by those who played Minecraft in split screen mode and not for solo players.

Whenever a client player tried to create a wither, the game halted, which has been fixed. The red stone comparator had graphical hitches and corruptions, which the developers at 4J studios have fixed with this launch. It is mandatory for players to download title update 23 on their Xbox 360 consoles to witness these changes.

Xbox One Edition Gets TU23

The developer team launched title update 23 for Xbox 360 first as usual and promised that they will be rolling it out to Minecraft Xbox One editions soon. The update should be available in your region by now, because when they updated their Twitter post, the company confirmed that it will be rolled out in a day’s time to players in every region. The change log remains the same for the Xbox One edition as well. Additionally, it also adds support for pattern texture pack and fixes an issue that players faced when fishing.

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