9 Android Only Apps that iPhone Users Cannot Get

Android has many plus points for its users as compared to iPhone apps. Android apps have more freedom and hence there are several apps that are only available to Android users as they use features that iOS will not allow. We have compiled certain apps that are Android only and will jealous your iPhone friends.


If you are tired of system provided wallpapers hanging on your home screen all day then you need to get your hands on Muzei that will turn your home screen into a live museum. Muzei will actually brighten up your home screen with a new famous art work every day saving you from changing it daily on your own.

AppLock with Face/Voice Recognition

AppLock is a famous app for locking your selected app and protecting them with a password. They have introduced a new cool feature that will unlock your device by recognizing your face or voice. You do not have to enter a password or even remember it. Just let it remember your face or voice and it will do the rest for you. You can choose which apps to lock by selecting apps from Settings.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Viruses and external interference is always expected and to some facts is always there waiting for a weak point to strike your phone and steal your personal data. You need to keep a shield between your phone and such malware. Avast has been very successful in securing people’s PCs and now they have come up with mobile security and antivirus that can work remotely and can even lock your certain apps with a password.

Google Keep

Google Keep can ease up your life by noting down your to-dos, taking reminders and aligning up your daily events. You can change color of your notes to easily recognize or prioritize certain notes. One of the best parts is that while you are on the go you can voice down your notes and Google Keep will make note of it saving your time from typing it all along.


Due to its high privacy concerns, Apple has removed Wikileaks app from App Store but you can download it from Play Store though. By the way the edition is not updated for a long time but still it has numerous interesting leaked documents that could inspire or interest you if you keep interests in it.


If you have been irritated replying someone while doing something on your phone as well then HoverChat has got it what you needed the most. With its advance features you can talk to someone while doing whatever you are doing. You can watch movies, surf the internet and HoverChat will be right their hovering over your screen enabling you to do whatever you are doing. Simply tap and type a reply whenever you wanted to and it will hover back again.


Cover is a recommended app for those who love to download lots of apps and then keep on looking for their favorite ones. Cover will put your favorite or most used apps right on your lock screen so you do not have to go through the pages of apps to locate the one you need.


Lux is basically a tweak that will infiltrate your brightness settings and will make them darker. It will also enable you to turn the brightness to zero while reading at night and then switching to night mode automaticall after the sunset.


Cerberus will not only track your stolen phone but will also wipe out all of your data remotely and can even sound an alarm to locate the phone if it is lost or stolen nearby. It can even lock your device by sending a message or through its website, or record an audio from its mic or can even track recent calls and messages made from your phone. This app can be hid so the thief will never know if your phone is protected with it.

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