Google Chrome Free Download Browser Blocks All Extensions Not Listed in Web Store

The sheer number of malware is too high on almost every browser and Google Chrome is no different.

If you use a Windows PC at home and work regularly, you might have noticed that extensions are often used to install these pesky software.

There are so many types of malware, spyware and adware programs on the internet. Many of them will use the flaws found on your browser or computer to find its way in. When they do so, the first thing that the programs do is to integrate themselves into the browser as an extension. Whenever you open the page, all you will see is a search bar similar to Google, but it will have a lot of spam content, adult photos and some click bait icons, which will lead to further malware issue.

Removing them is extremely tough unless you manually uninstall the software, disable the extension and go through a lot of pain. The newest version of Google Chrome aims to bring this under control by automatically blocking them all.

Blocking Unrecognized Extensions

It is definitely the best feature in recent times that has been made available for the Google Chrome browser. At the moment, it is available only on Windows versions but the developers confirmed that it is coming to Macintosh real soon. The browser will now act autonomous and will have the power to block any extensions that are not found in the web store.

In other words, this will make it easy to instantly stop malware and keep them at bay. They will never be a threat to your PC and will not end up altering your home page, forcing you to click on links or opening multiple popup ads. Google claims that almost 75% of the customer calls they receive at their help desk is enquiries related to unauthorized extensions taking over the browser. By making this mandatory, they could save resources and also allow the users to seamlessly browse without any interruptions.

Firefox, Opera should do the same

This is a feature that shouldn’t be restricted to Google Chrome but it will be much better if it rolls out on all other major browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Microsoft’s Edge browser is coming in July with Windows 10 and when it comes, we can say that they may have implemented such nifty features even before it officially gets launched. The best browser wars are about to commence in a couple of weeks.

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