Gmail vs. Hotmail – Is the Past Haunting the Present?


Hotmail still remains iconic in the minds and hearts of those who actually made use of this amazing internet application.

In fact, Microsoft has tried by all means to erase the memories of this ‘Hotmail’ from its users but all has been in vain.

The changing of its name to MSN Live and later Outlook Mail had limited success, despite the addition of many features to the later versions of this emailing application.

Google is a force to reckon in internet technology. The revolution this company has brought around in this industry can hardly be matched. With its Gmail emailing feature, this application is just another of those success stories of Google.

Gmail took over from Hotmail

An empire that was governed by Hotmail is now being controlled by Google’s Gmail. Since its inception, about a decade ago, Gmail has gone ahead and established itself as one of the best email service providers of the current generation, amassing over 400 million users over the course.

What propelled Gmail to the top and Hotmail to the bottom?

Gmail is by no doubt the leading email service provider at the moment. What set these two email service providers apart was that Gmail came in driven by the core values of Google as a company, providing users with one of the simplest, if not the simplest layout and on a very fast platform.

Furthermore, Gmail offers users with a clean page that is free of any ads, unlike in the case of its counterpart. Many people saw Gmail as a better way of sorting their mails thanks to the included tabs like social, important, promotions and others that you can add and sort your emails accordingly.

Another aspect that has catapulted the decline of Hotmail and the growth of Gmail is the boom the smartphone industry has seen in the past half or so decade. More smartphones means that there will be more Android users. Since Android is powered by Google, the chances of more people having a Gmail account are very high.

The introduction of Windows Phones tried its luck in rekindling the long forgotten Hotmail, but it seems very few people still make use of this application. There are more efforts from Microsoft and the latest include integration with Skype, a feature that Google already applies with Hangouts.

With this competition heating up, the world of technology should brace itself for some of the best developments in the near future, when it comes to emailing services.

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