Gmail for Android Update Available for Download – How to Get It?

Gmail is not a new application to most email users. However, the Gmail app for mobile might still be relatively new in the ears of some.

Well, if this app is new to you, don’t fret. It’s a very simple application that simply brings the Gmail desktop experience to your mobile phone, be it Android or iOS. The latest update of the Gmail app affects those using the Android devices; however, the users of Gmail for iOS will also be getting these updates in the near future.

Gmail has over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store and this figure keeps increasing on a daily basis. Just recently, Google launched an even much simpler email client in the shape of Inbox; however, little has changed as far as Gmail usage is concerned.

Why use Gmail app for Android?

As noted above, Google has recently released a new app for email services known as Gmail Inbox and all it aims at is to simplify everything, as far as email services are concerned. However, there are still die hard users of Gmail and why these millions of users still trust this service is due to the speed, convenience as well as the reliability of Gmail.

Just like any other Google based application or service, Gmail app is very simple to install and setup on your Android device. To add to this ease of setting up and use, Google has recently beefed up the app with a few additions here and there, but only for the Android users.

So, what’s new in the latest version of Gmail for Android?

All-in-one platform

Google developers are very smart and this was exhibited in this new Gmail app for the Android users. It is true that Gmail is not the only email service provider available at the moment. There are other clients such as Yahoo and Outlook, all of which are still very much in use. In trying to maintain the Gmail traffic, Google developers went for a platform that brings together all email platforms with support for IMAP and POP.

What this means is that once you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Gmail for Android on your phone or tablet, you can add more than the Gmail account the app is meant for. If you have a Yahoo account, Outlook account or even more than one Gmail account; you can add them to the same app and have all your mails in one location.

Better app layout

There is no doubt that this Gmail app has been receiving very little attention as far as the layout is concerned. However, this has finally been realized and now there is a fresh layout for Android users. You’ll notice a trendy look with much simpler options, just like with the case of the desktop app.

Email categorization

In the desktop client, users have been for a long time enjoying the services of convenient categorization of emails in categories like Primary, Social, Promotions, etc. This is now what the users of Gmail for Android will be getting in this new version. Users can enjoy uncluttered email inbox as all emails are arranged according to their categories.

How to get it?

The latest version of Gmail for Android has augmented the number of downloads for this application. There is now more than performance as reliability can also be guaranteed. This application is available for free download from the official Google Play Store. Download it today and save yourself the time that would have been wasted, on trying to find a PC to check for mails via the web client.

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