Is Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch worth its Exorbitant Price?  

After successfully conquering the smartphone and tablet segment, the Korean smartphone manufacturer has turned towards the next best thing in technology, the smartwatch.

The big shots in the tech world have already tried their luck with the smartwatch. Sony manufactured the Smartwatch 2, being the first to rival the Samsung Galaxy Gear and has already planted its feet in the market. However, the Galaxy Gear would be offering the users with an alternative-display companion to options from Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the tablet segments.

Galaxy Gear is a sincere effort from Samsung offering the users with a 1.63-inch wearable gadget. You can make or receive calls from the Galaxy Gear gadget. The gadget encompasses of a mini camera, enabling the user to capture pictures or videos. Overall, the Galaxy Gear is an endeavor to gratify various needs. Whether the gadget is worth its $300 exorbitant price, let us find out.


A single-core processing unit clocked at a top frequency of 800MHz powers the wearable gadget from Samsung. Despite being a single-core processing unit, it is competent to handle intensive tasks with ease. In addition, a 512MB of RAM ensures smooth functionality of the Galaxy Gear. Regardless, the processor takes a decent length of loading time for a handful of features and applications. This aspect of the smartwatch might be disappointing for most users.

The smartwatch offering from Samsung offers limited compatibility. In comparison, the Sony designed Smartwatch 2 offers more compatibility options. However, the Samsung smartwatch shows compatibility with branded Galaxy Note 3 only. In fact, Samsung has promised to enhance the compatibility options for Galaxy Gear in near future. As for now, if you own a Galaxy Note 3 device, the Galaxy Gear would be worth the purchase. For those, who do not own or plan to own Note 3, the Galaxy Gear purchase would prove futile.


The Galaxy Gear incorporates a range of features. However, these key features lack in terms of volatility and responsiveness.

Twitter and E-Mail – The Galaxy Gear offers both Twitter and E-mail alerts, but the inability to read full message on your smartwatch would be a disappointment for most users. Regardless, the smartwatch enables the message to be read on the compatible handset. However, text messages can be read easily on the smartwatch.

Make and Receive Calls – The gadget offers great experience while making and receiving calls from the Galaxy Gear. The gadget offers superior audio quality and seamless performance of the touchscreen.

S Voice Command – The feature offers slight disappointment on the Samsung smartwatch. The S Voice command fails to comprehend with the voice command and consequently is unable to perform what is asked of the gadget. The feature consumes loads of time, whereas, the task can be completed in quick time manually.

Overall, the Galaxy Gear from Samsung offers brilliance, but at the same time fails to perform in most aspects. Features such as Twitter and E-mail alerts are useful to the user if they can be read on Galaxy Gear smartwatch. However, the ability to reply to text messages and e-mails from the Galaxy Gear in the near future would be greatly appreciated. For now, the exorbitant price of the smartwatch is not worth the investment, especially with its single smartphone compatibility feature.

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