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A less known operating system is Elementary, a Linux distribution that was based on Ubuntu, but which has a shell called Pantheon to make use of a desktop, Midori as a default browser, Plank is a dock and Scratch is a text editor like Windows’ Notepad or Wordpad. Gala is used as the Window Manager, which was based on Mutter, while the themes and applications are part of a set that initially was designed for Ubuntu. Because this OS is based on this Ubuntu, Elementary allows you to install and remove software in Ubuntu’s own software center. As for the interface, it’s very intuitive and consumes only a few resources.

Elementary OS came on March 31, 2011 and the latest version was released on April 11 2015, being called 0.3 Freya, while the upcoming update will be named 0.4 Loki. The first two updates were named Jupiter and Luna. This platform was criticized for having a similar design to OS X, offering also the same user experience, but the project’s purpose was to solve the deficiencies in other GNU/Linux distributions and not to copy other platform. Elementary has the ability to reduce software dependency because it uses core applications created in the C language or Vala; it diminishes the need to access the terminal and it has better global aesthetics.

Other software components of Elementary OS are: Geary (Email client), Maya (Desktop calendar), Switchboard (Settings application), Noise (Audio player), Wingpanel (Top panel), Slingshot (Application launcher) etc.

Elementary OS can be installed on computers and Macs, it’s totally free, it supports multitasking view and workspace switcher, it has a Top Panel, integrated firewall and new lightdm lock screen, it offers Quick access to privacy settings, online accounts and many other features.

You will need to download the ISO file of the Elementary OS from the internet, burn it on USB, so you will need to create bootable USB, boot your computer and you will see two options – one to try Elementary OS without installing it and the second option is to install the OS on your computer. Before installing Elementary, you will need to erase your disk, otherwise you’ll end up with two OS on your device. Next, you will need to follow some steps, such as choosing your location for time zone selection, the language and a strong root or administrator password. Wait until the new software will be installed, then customize your new Desktop.

To install Elementary on your computer, you must have at least 1GB of system memory and 15GB of disk space.

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