Free Google Play Credit: Is It Really Possible?

With Google Play credits, users can pay for transactions on their Android smartphone or tablet. This only applies to purchases made from the Google Play Store. Credits can be purchased from Google or authorized retailers online and in stores.

However, few users realize that they can acquire free credits through various sources, including Google itself. Acquiring free credits to spend on apps and media purchases isn’t too difficult, nor does it require that much time. Nothing is better than free today, especially for marketplace purchases.

What are Google Play credits?

In essence, Google Play credits work like a gift card or certificate for the Play Store. Such credits are a valid payment method for most transactions through this app and media marketplace. The credits basically work like cash, although users cannot exchange them for cash. Likewise, they cannot be used to purchase hardware from Google’s device store. Credits don’t expire or incur maintenance fees for not being used right away, so a person can wait as long as they want to make a purchase with them.

Free Play Store Credits Directly From Google

Currently, Google Opinion Rewards is a unique program for Android users. The app is offered by Google to users that want to provide feedback to the company on its services and other topics. Respondents receive credits for every survey they respond to, whether they answer a single question or 20. Of course, higher rewards are available for longer surveys, and users can earn a few dollars per month through this method in Google Play credits. Now that’s a win-win situation for Android device owners that pays off immediately.

Free Credits From Third-Party Apps

Various rewards apps are available on the Play Store right now. These apps allow users to complete various tasks in order to build up points toward rewards. In most cases, Google Play credits are a reward option through these apps. Dozens of such rewards apps exist today, but they’re not all created equally. A user needs to be careful when using an app for rewards because some are less than legitimate. Either way, credits are a great cashout option through these apps.

An Opportunity Available to Everyone

All Android smartphone and tablet users can take advantage of these opportunities. Each one pays differently, and only Google Opinion Rewards gives users Play credits as soon as actions are completed. Otherwise, apps that give rewards make a user hit a certain threshold of points before they can cash out, and receiving the reward often requires multiple business days. It always makes sense to acquire free credits rather than paying for them because most people pay for a handful of apps on a regular basis.

Get Those Free Credits Today!

Free Google Play credits are available to those willing to search for them. Google provides its loyal users with free credits through an app, and other companies offer similar rewards for other tasks. In the end, these credits can only be used in the Play Store. Users that don’t pay for content in this store too often probably don’t need free credits. On the other hand, frequent buyers will value free credits more than anything else.

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