Clash of Clans – Best Tips and Tricks for Village Layout, Farming and Trophy

In Clash of Clans, the way you setup your village will make you a good or weak player. There are two types of layouts in Clash of Clans: Trophy defense layout and Resource defense layout.

While a Trophy defense layout will focus on protecting the Town Hall and buildings that will be difficult for your enemies to get 2 or 3 stars from attacking your village, the resource defense layout will try to protect your gold and elixir storage buildings.

Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

Before your Town Hall reaches level 7, you should always focus on protecting your resources. It is useless to protect your Trophies before making your Town Hall of level 7, because most of the players who have higher Town Halls than you, will wipe you village with no problems. So, instead of protecting your Town Hall, just place it outside and hopefully most of your attackers will farm for trophies and will ignore the village after destroying your Town Hall.

After getting your Town Hall to level 7, you may want to start getting some Trophies and get some achievements, since they give you a good amount of Gems. That’s when you will want to join a Clan and start doing some Clan Wars.

The difference between farming base and trophy base

Do not ever try to defend both trophies and resources in the same time, because you will most likely fail. Like we told you above, you will need two different base layouts. So the base layout you can have while farming resources is to put your Town Hall outside the walls while getting your resources buildings behind the walls. This way, if someone will attack your village, he will most likely go for Town Hall and then forfeit the battle, because he most likely is farming for Trophies and he doesn’t care about your resources. This way, you will get a free 12-hour shield and no player will be able to attack you. However, you will lose the shield in case you will attack another player.

Walls and their importance

Many ignore the walls and, trust us, they make a big mistake. The walls will be your best defense, so try to build walls right in the first second you start playing Clash of Clans. Try to upgrade them as often as you can, and place the important buildings behind them.

As your Town Hall reaches level 7 or higher, you will want to have multiple rows of walls inside your village. In the same time, you will want to have an extra row of walls around your resource buildings. Always make sure that your enemy will have to break a wall before getting to an important building.

Protecting your most valuable defensive buildings

Wizard Towers, Mortar and Air Defense are the most valuable defensive buildings and you will have to place them somewhere in the middle of the base and protect them as much as you can. Buy them enough time to kill your enemies by not to make them vulnerable targets.

You can place outside of your walls other defensive buildings which are not that useful when you have a high Town Hall level. These other defensive buildings are: Cannons, Hidden Teslas or Cannons. You will want to have Wizard Towers near the storage units so they can kill all the goblins and archers that are trying to steal your hard earned resources.

Placing walls between the important defensive buildings is also a good idea. Also, never stack your Wizard Towers and Air defensive, and, instead, spread them out so that the attackers will have a hard time to reach them. If you will stack them, your attackers will kill one tower after another without wasting time running from one side of your base to another.

Placing your spring traps for the big guys

Giants will always go for the closest defensive buildings. Make an idea about where your enemy will attack first and place two towers, but leave a little space between them enough to put a spring trap there. After the Giants will attack and destroy the first tower, they will go for the second one, and will fall into your trap.

This is a good strategy to make your enemy lose a good amount of army, and you should use it often. This can be a good strategy when you have a Town Hall of level 7 and higher.


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