WhatsApp Latest Version 2.12.19 Brings Voice Calling to All Android Phones, Tablets Not Supported

The developers of Whatsapp have finally rolled out the feature to every Android user. At first, it was rolled out in batches during which you have to receive a call from someone who has the feature already activated.

With the latest version 2.12.19, things have changed. All you have to do is download Whatsapp from the Google Play Store and it will have the voice calling feature enabled in it by default. Apart from the usual all contacts and more options menu, a brand new voice calling icon has been added to the user interface. Once you click on the tab, it will show a list of users who already have the feature enabled. You can make calls to those who have it activated while other users who are still using the older version have to upgrade, so that they show up in your list.

How to Download Latest Version?

The options are plenty! You can download Whatsapp version 2.12.19 officially from the Google Play store for your Android phones. An alternative method is to get it either through the developer’s website or from other third party websites. If you are going to download the APK file from a third party source, make sure it is verified and is safe to use. Some websites are known for distributing malware. Make sure you avoid them at all costs.

Call Quality and Ease of Use

In terms of accessibility, Whatsapp has already won the hearts of millions, because accessing the voice calling feature on the app is extremely easy. While Skype and Viber do have similar features, they don’t have the user base that Whatsapp has. Besides, this is one app that has become a crowd favorite in a short period; which is why voice calling has gained so much traction even before its official launch.

So far, call quality is quite decent and users haven’t reported any complaints at all. The quality is good on 3G connectivity while high speed internet connections offer HD voice calls, which makes it fun to spend hours talking to your friends or family, at cheap rates.

iOS Version Coming Next

After rolling out the latest update to Whatsapp, the developers are now busy building the iOS version of the app. Voice calling feature for iPhone users will be rolling out in several weeks, confirmed the team during a recent Facebook conference. Meanwhile, rumors suggest a Windows phone update is also under development.

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