Minecraft: Education Edition Will Now Help You Study Easier

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Minecraft: Education Edition is a great tool that can come in handy for teachers all over the world. They can host classroom sessions and welcome their students in a world in which they can set limitations and guide them as they want.

The mode is all about education, but it does come from Bedrock Edition’s codebase, and it has many of its features, while also having some of its own. This mode focuses on chemistry and coding, and other STEM-related subjects.

Why should teachers use it?

Education Edition comes with many unique features that make it special, and quite different from the base version. What caught our eyes was the extensive chemistry mechanic.

Players can form elements that are found in the Periodic Table, and then break them down into blocks. This makes it easier for students to understand it. Then, the elements can be used to craft exclusive items – chemical compounds – which can be made into things like balloons or glow sticks.

Coding is another thing that can be found in the Education Edition. There is a new mob added, known as the agent. Players are able to program the mob in order to perform various tasks by using a visual interface to code it. Teachers can exploit a peripheral program that’s known as Code Connection, in order to teach their students multiple compatible programming languages. They can learn programming basics in a simple and interesting way. The mode has Code.org, Tynker, Microsoft MakeCode, Code Connection.

Education Edition is made for the classroom, but everyone can enjoy it, especially Bedrock Edition players. If you go to settings and toggle the Education Edition’s slider, Bedrock Edition players can do the chemistry and many others for free.

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