How To Download Google Chrome

So you are thinking about the Internet browser that you should be using and you have come to the conclusion that you want to move away from Firefox or Internet Explorer and check out Google Chrome. This in itself is quite a wise decision as there is no doubt that Chrome came from nowhere to become one of the most popular browsers in existence. However, they are of course helped by the fact that Google pretty much controls the Internet, but if you have still not switched to this browser how do you go about doing so?

It Just Takes A Quick Download.

First, you need to go to the Chrome website and download the installer. You can find this by simply typing in Google Chrome in a search and it is right there as the first result. Click on the link and it will take you to the Google Chrome website and this is where the fun begins.

The downloading of the file takes just seconds, although admittedly this depends on your Internet connection, and the next step is to find the file on your computer and click on the one that says Google Chrome.dmg. After this, another window is going to pop up from Google and you then click on the icon and drag it into your applications folder. The rest of the installation process simply involves you following the basic on screen instructions including prompts from Google and everything will be up and running within minutes.

Your First Time Of Using It.

After you have successfully installed the browser you need to open it and you will see that it does something rather cool in that it imports your browser history and your desired home page from the browser that you have previously been using. In other words, it sets itself up without too much prompting from yourself, so your job becomes a whole lot easier as a result.

However, when you open Chrome for the first time you need to double check that it has been set as your default browser and to do this you need to go to the settings page and check that it does indeed have as your home page. That will mean that this search engine will load automatically as soon as you open Chrome, but of course you will also have the Google search bar at the top of the browser at any point whilst using it.

So, to download Chrome:

  • You simply need to go to the Google website and type in Chrome to be taken to the download page.
  • Download the installer and then search for the .dmg file and double click to open.
  • Follow the on screen prompts for the installation process.
  • Make sure that is set as your home page.
  • Enjoy using your brand new browser.

Chrome is a wonderful browser and it is extremely easy to set up and is not as intrusive as other browsers out there. It is certainly well worth downloading and installing it as your browsing experience will be faster and smoother than you could have ever hoped for and you will be glad that you did indeed take that step.

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