Latest Skype Version Features Skype Qik for Android and iOS – Microsoft’s Way of Getting New Users

Since it came into being, Microsoft has done nothing but expand.

They act like the big fish in the ocean which always feasts on the small fish. However, they pose a different threat to the small fish of the VoIP industry. Rather than feast on them, Microsoft buys them out.

One way of looking at this is that Microsoft eliminates competition by acquiring its competitor or it eliminates competition by buying them out to nurture them as well as provide them with the desired financial assistance they require and in the long run, the small fish turns out big while the mother fish, Microsoft itself, becomes an even bigger fish.

This is not an aqua class or something. It is time to do away with the fish analogy and onto real things. Skype was acquired by Microsoft and it seems all is well in their labs as the latest feature suggests. Skype recently launched the new video messaging feature that they called Skype Qik.

Send and Receive Video Messages on Skype

By introducing Skype Qik, Skype has made a huge step towards increasing the number of installations across the globe since back then; it is only SnapChat that offered users with a feature which allows users to send quick pictures or videos that are self-destructive. By self-destructive, it means that the sent messages usually destroy or delete themselves after a fixed period of time.

The Skype Qik feature has been around for less than a month now and it is already attracting some positive reviews across the worldwide users of this app.

Available on Multiple Platforms

In order to access this feature, you can get the latest version of Skype from Apple App Store for iOS devices, Microsoft Windows for users of Windows Phone and Google Play Store for users of Android devices.

There is no need to panic if you are also using a tablet. This is so because this app is compatible with tablets. However, the major problem with using it on tablets comes as a result of the smartphone interface scale; something that is expected to be fixed in no time.

Ease of Registration

Unlike its mother app, this feature does not require an email address when registering. Instead, it requires users to provide their mobile phone numbers for the registration process. It works on the basis of phone numbers where you’ll have to enter your mobile phone number and on it, you shall be sent a verification code that you will use to complete the registration process.

After the verification process is done, the Qik service will take to your phone book and quickly scan it in order to find out the people in the list, whose numbers have an account with Qik. In this way, you can begin sending and receiving video messages from these friends and family of yours on Qik.

Record Videos using Skype Qik

Skype Qik feature is majorly known for its video messaging services. However, this feature allows users to make video records of up to 42 seconds in length. This feature also allows users to record their personal emotions. In addition, this feature offers users with a notification system where you get notified whenever a message is coming in. However, this notification only comes in after the download is complete so that you can view the video message as soon as it comes in.

The Verdict

Skype is an outstanding service provider when it comes to the VoIP industry. The quality of services it offers its global users, is unmatched and it is one of the major reasons it has managed to maintain its ground even in such hard times, when competition in the industry is at its highest.

However, what remains a great achievement is the introduction of this new Skype Qik feature to the latest download version, for all platforms. Users of Skype on mobile devices can enjoy this feature, be it on Android, iOS, Windows or even BlackBerry mobile operating systems.

This is a great feature and it will enhance the way people interact with each other. Furthermore, it is a symbol that Skype are upping their game in the continued battle with SnapChat when it comes to video messaging services.

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