Viber Download And Install On Your PC Without Having A Smartphone

Viber for PC application, such as the phone version, will allow you to call your friends for free, even if they are out of the country you live in. But what happens when you want to install Viber on your PC, but you don’t have a smartphone?

To install Viber on your PC, you must have it installed on your smartphone, and if you don’t have one, you may find it impossible to install it on your computer. Don’t worry, because today we’re going to tell you a trick that will help you install Viber on your PC without needing a smartphone, but before revealing this trick, we will give you some information about the features that this application comes with: free international calls and text messages to all Viber users; the voice clarity is extremely clear; you can invite other friends from all over the world to use this app; Viber works perfectly on pc/laptop and Android devices.

Installing Viber on your PC without having Viber account on a smartphone

In case you don’t own a smartphone, but you still want to use Viber on your PC, you will firstly need to install BlueStacks software on your PC. You can download BlueStacks by doing a search on Google and finding a download link for it.

BlueStacks is actually an application that works on Android OS and you can actually play games or run other smartphone applications on it. After installing BlueStacks, open it and search for Viber application and install it. After you finish installing Viber on your BlueStacks, open Viber and it will ask you to enter your mobile phone number. Do that and in a few seconds you will receive a text message on your mobile device (even if it’s not a smartphone) that will contain a code. Use that code to complete the installation and you’re done.

After that, just simply download Viber for PC from the official website and use your mobile number as ID. You can now enjoy all the great features that Viber comes with, on your PC!

Using two Viber accounts on the same device

In order to make this work you will need your device to be rooted. Then, you will need to download and install 2line for Viber application from Google Play Store. After that, open it and you’re done. Now you can use two Viber accounts on your device!


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