Fan Made Fallout 4 Poster is Awesome, Bethesda to Confirm at E3 2015

This is not a scam or an elaborate hoax as the one done by Survivor 2299, but a fan made a poster for Fallout 4, if Bethesda decides to release it this year.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 has definitely got bigger this year, because, apart from the usual Microsoft, Sony among other game developers, this year Bethesda is taking the stage for the first time. The developers who have a lot of game titles to announce decided to use the expo to showcase them in a grand manner. Among the huge list of games, Doom 4 has already been confirmed. An official teaser has been launched which shows a Doom like never before. It goes back to the classic times with a more colorful approach which is a good change from the previous dark, gritty design.

Awesome Fan made Poster

Some of them are not so sure if Bethesda would ever announce the game but if you take a look at this poster, you will definitely feel positive. It has been done with utmost precision, the graphics and the world looks realistic which shows how Fallout 4 would look like, if the developers announce it. E3 2015 has gained much momentum with all these announcements and expectations.

There is not just one but two different posters that have been released on the popular social platform Reddit. The detail in the poster is extremely precise and from the way it looks, the designer who did it took his own time to come up with it. The armor, the mask and the background has been meticulously designed, which fans agreed looks as good as the authentic poster.

Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls

The big question is that Bethesda have multiple titles to announce. When it comes to Fallout 4, there is an equally popular game franchise, the Elder Scrolls 6. If they choose to go with the latter, it is going to be a huge disappointment for the entire gaming community. Besides, Skyrim is still going strong and there are more than one reason for the developing team to go with Fallout 4.

Half Life 3 is the only game that have managed to break every record in the past and continues to be a myth for more than a decade now. Let’s just hope Fallout 4 doesn’t face the same fate. If Bethesda would announce it at E3 2015, all your prayers would have been answered. Check out the posters for now.

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