Facebook Messenger, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat – Top Leading Downloads

Having a smartphone means that you have access to a huge collection of applications you can install. Some need to be purchased, but most of them are free and can be picked up by anyone. They come available for several platforms, usually, so you can enjoy most of them ,especially the great ones, on any device, regardless of what operating system you are using, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone, for that matter. A top was establish, and it seems that the most downloaded free apps are Facebook Messenger and Minecraft.

Facebook Messenger

Well, this one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you have a Facebook account, you will need to grab Facebook Messenger. It is a standalone app that connect to your Facebook account and allows you to chat with your Facebook friends.


Another top download is the mobile app version of Google’s YouTube. Due to its browser popularity, it is only understandable why so many people download the app, so they can skip the browser completely on their smartphone, and go straight for the funny cat video they want to show to their friends.

Instagram and Snapchat

Social media is extremely huge right now, and seems to show no sign of backing down. Therefore, social media apps will, of course, have the majority of spots in this top. Both Instagram and Snapchat are social media services that found a home a very large number of devices. The simplicity of both, put side by side with their success, is amazing. The simple ability to take photos, slightly modify them and then share them with your loved ones makes for an instant hit.


You all have heard about the Minecraft craze. Whether on PC or console, Minecraft is a huge success that captivate the attention of huge crowds. Now, it is available on a mobile platform as well, so you can take it with you on the go and complete that impressive building you were working on all day. Keeping in mind that we often find ourselves in situations where we need to wait for something or someone, why not pull out this nifty building game and make that nasty clock go ten times faster?

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