BitDefender Mobile Security Key Free Download and Install For 6 Months

There are not many people who use an antivirus on their Android devices. However, even if we are experienced users, we should always find a way to protect ourselves from malware and bad files that can harm our mobile device.

BitDefender Mobile Security comes with world class protection and helps you keep your mobile device protected against all the online threats, spams, malicious application and cyber thieves. The application is very easy to use and comes with some advanced privacy features along with some new WearON features that will alert you whenever you are too far away from your smartphone. This is a great solution which will be very useful in case someone steals your device or if you forget about your smartphone device and leave it a restaurant without taking it from the table.

BitDefender Mobile Security features

– WearON: A new function for all Android smartwatches
– Bitdefender Scream
– Malware Scanner
– Application Lock
– Web Security
– Improved Anti Theft
– Privacy Advisor.

BitDefender Mobile Security: Getting a free key that will last for 6 months

BitDefender Mobile Security is not a free application, which means that not many will want to try it out by paying a few bucks. One year of BitDefender Mobile Security License is around 15 dollars, and only a few are willing to pay to test the application. However, don’t worry, because now you can get a free key that will allow you to use BitDefender Mobile Security for free in the next 6 months!

To get the 6 months free key for Bitdefender Mobile Security, open, insert your email address, select “I’m not a robot” and tap on “Get a Free license”. After that, open your email address and there you will see the free key.

HINT: Keep in mind that the free key will be available for 7 days and in case you don’t use it, it will expire!

After that, install Bitdefender Mobile Security on your Android device, enter your “MyBitdefender account information” and sign in or create a new account. You can also use your Google account to sign into Bitdefender. After that, tap on “I already have a key” and insert the code that you received on the email. Enjoy using Bitdefender Mobile Security for free for the next 6 months!

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