Facebook Messenger Download – New Caller ID Feature With Bug Fixes

Facebook released in 2011 a mobile version for smartphones running on iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS and over time, the application went through important changes. There are 600 million active users who are sending messages on Facebook Messenger and soon, they will have a Caller ID feature that will tell them who is calling, before they pick up.

Three years ago, the users of Facebook Messenger from some parts of the world were had the possibility to use the application without creating a Facebook account (on the website) and they just entered a name and their phone number, in order to login. Later, Facebook Messenger was modified to be a replacement text messaging client on Android OS and received a new chat system called “Chat Heads”, which was inherited from Facebook Home. The version for Windows Phone 8, which was launched in March 2014, lacked the voice messaging and chat heads features. One month later, the messaging feature was removed from the Facebook app and the fans needed to download Messenger. In March this year, the developers introduced a functionality that allowed the US users to send money to their friends, in April was added the video calling feature and, recently, the application received a caller ID feature. This feature is very useful, because it lets you know who is calling you, before picking up. In the absence of the Caller ID, anyone can call you, but if you don’t know who the person is, you might end up talking to a stalker who starts talking obscene or threatening you.

The developers of Facebook understood that their users had bad experiences with their contacts and they thought about adding the Caller ID feature to help them avoid these unpleasantnesses. So, from now on, when someone will call you, the feature will give you public information about that person – everything that he/she listed on Facebook: full name, work place and the city where he/she lives. In addition, the users will see the caller’s profile photo, so you can easily recognize the person who “dares” to bother you.

Unfortunately, currently, this feature is available only in a few countries: US, UK, France and India, but it will roll out to all regions in the near future.

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