Ex EA CEO Says Sony Won the PS4 vs. Xbox One Race

John Riccitiello is not a popular man until now, when he commented that Sony have clearly won the next gen console race.

When it comes to the PS4 vs. Xbox One comparison, the Playstation 4 easily wins with its hands down.

The former CEO at Electronic Arts, who now serves as the head of the Unity technologies, seems to be a great fan of Sony’s Playstation 4 console. Talking about the success the platform has received, he said, “Microsoft never had a primary objective and was not focused when they launched the Xbox One console. I am not sure what they aimed at, but in the end, in an attempt to appease the gamers as well as every other family member in the household, the company created something that disappointed almost everyone, especially the gamers”.

Lack of Hardware

Riccitiello said that it was not only a lack of vision that marred their sales, but Microsoft also lost in the hardware section. In reality, PS4 and Xbox One console share the same architecture and even use the graphic cards supplied by AMD. When everything is the same, the Playstation 4 often delivers many titles in 1080p resolution, while the new Xbox struggles a lot to even touch something as low as 900p.

“The problem is that Microsoft didn’t focus on gaming, but on everything else. They wanted to deliver a device that offered wholesome entertainment. It was supposed to be a DVR box, a streaming device, a mini computer and also play games. When so many tasks are assigned to the same hardware, it could hardly do any of them in the right manner. For some odd reason, the company assumed that pure gaming doesn’t deserve so much attention and wanted to be an innovator, which forced them to pay the price”, Riccitiello said.

PS4 is a Clear Winner

While the comment comes from the former EA CEO, it is also widely mirrored by most gamers around the globe. The Unity boss commented that Sony didn’t explore with PS4 beyond gaming, because they didn’t have the resources to do anything innovative which turned out to be their strong point.

Microsoft, on the other hand, tried to break boundaries, but they missed every goal of theirs. Playstation 4 is easily the best console of this generation and they deserve to win the race, he concluded. This controversial comment might definitely lead to lot of arguments among PS4 and Xbox One gamers online.

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