Elden Ring Fans Disappointed in Radahn & Gargoyle

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Elden Ring found its way to PC and consoles some time ago, and fans still have a hard time defeating Radahn and the Gargoyles.

This game was one of the most hyped games out there, and the game seems to be pretty good for every player. FromSoftware always delivers perfect results, but they outdone themselves with this game. But the game has some parts that are just too difficult to go through.

Radahn & Gargoyle too difficult for everyone

If you love this game, or even if you’ve played it once, you have probably seen Radahn. The setting the build-up, they are amazing, but the fight is not that great. And we are here to tell you why.

Radahn comes with some amazing attacks, but they seem to be too brutal. Even after you hit level 40, players still have a lot of trouble with the boss. Some attacks cannot be avoidable by most players, especially if the meteor strikes in the second phase.

Of course, there are a few tricks to keep in mind for Radahn, but it’s not the way the game is supposed to be played. There are plenty of NPCs that players can use in the battle, but that takes the fun out of it.

The Gargoyles are also a big problem. The attack of the boss ruins everything. The poison effect happens really quick, and a massive chunk of your HP is gone anyway. The fight is challenging, and nice overall, but the poison makes it horrible.

Players started to compare the two boss battles to the Bed of Chaos, that’s believed to be the worst boss in the history of Soulsborne. It’s just so badly designed, and we are hoping to see some changes from the gaming studio.


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