Earn $15,000 in Windows 10 Spartan Hackathon

Much has been said about the Windows 10 that is yet to be launched later this year.

It is one of Microsoft’s biggest projects so to speak. It seeks to combine the elegance of Windows 8 with the simplicity of Windows 7. The idea is to build a perfect Operating System upon which all the future operating systems are to be based.

Now when one talks about Windows 7 and 8, IE or Internet Explorer comes to our minds. Who can ever forget how IE has disappointed or shortchanged them in one way or the other? No matter how Cortana, Xbox Live, the recall of the Start Button, etc. will work in the new Windows 10, if Internet Explorer is carried forward to Windows 10, in its current state, you will keep on using their current Windows.

However, Microsoft has sought to address the flaws in IE in its successor, Spartan. According to the company’s blog on its TechNet website, Microsoft’s new browser will be on-ramp to the internet for millions of users around the globe upon the launch of Windows 10 and therefore securing it is paramount.

 $15,000 Cash Reward

This has led to announcement of a $15,000 cash reward for any hacker out there who thinks that Spartan has vulnerability or vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Browsers are getting hacked day in day out. These vulnerabilities and exploits render a lot of personal and corporate information insecure as the web browser is the basic platform of any other business we perform over the internet.

Data theft, cyber espionage and phishing are very common nowadays due to these vulnerabilities and exploits in our web browsers.

Microsoft is trying its best to make sure Spartan stands out in the market from other operating system-based browsers such as Safari and other third-party browsers, like Mozilla and Opera.

It is for this reason that it has offered up to $15,000 cash reward for hackers to target their own product in case they come up with any vulnerabilities. They have specified numerous vulnerabilities based on which the hackers will be paid from as much as $500 up to $15,000.

Having a perfect web browser in the name of Spartan, will without doubt make Windows 10 that ideal operating system with which Microsoft ushers a new era of Satya Nadella, to take forward the mantle of Bill Gates.

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