Download Viber Latest Version and Make Voice and Video Calls to Anyone

If you are looking for a top option for instant messaging and making free calls, Viber should be on top of your list.

This is so because Viber free download only requires a Wi-Fi or data connection and you can send any message or make any call for free.

The only condition that must be met in order for you to enjoy free Viber calling and messaging is that both you and the recipient of your messages or calls must be using Viber. This does not however mean that you cannot connect to any person who is not using Viber. In fact, this is one feature that is making Skype sweat over its money as Viber also allows users to make very affordable calls, be it voice or video, to any other person who is not using the application.

In order for this to be possible, the recipient must be using a landline or owns a mobile phone. Furthermore, the caller must also buy Viber credits and make use of the ViberOut feature to place these calls. There is nothing to worry about as far as type of devices is concerned. Viber free download can be installed on almost all mobile platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry as well as Android. Furthermore, the application can also be used on all major PCs.

Downloading and setting up Viber latest version

To get Viber on your device, you must download it from the official app store of your phone, be it Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Post the download, the app will automatically install on your device and then ask you to open.

Open it and you should see the welcome screen. The application will ask for permission to access your phone contacts and in this way, you can be aware of those with Viber accounts and those without. The good thing with this app is that it only requires your phone number to sign up. However, make sure to double check the country code so that it reads your exact location correctly. A verification code will be sent to the number you provide and using this code, complete the registration and setting up process.

Sending free messages and making free calls

You can now start sending free messages to all those contacts with Viber accounts as well as make free voice and video calls to these individuals. You can go ahead and create groups of up to 100 people on this app, chat with them as well as enjoy group video calls with up to 50 users.

You can include text, voice and video as well as picture messages. Viber will also ensure that you don’t miss any of your messages thanks to its Push Notifications service. Regardless of the device you are using, you can initiate a Viber conversation to any other person, regardless of the device he or she is using. However, Viber must first of all be installed on a mobile phone before it is installed on other devices.

Stickers for messaging purposes

As noted earlier, Viber is available for free and there are no extra charges for using the app. However, Viber comes with a wide collection of stickers that can be used to spice up conversations. While some of these animated characters are available for free, there are other packages that must be paid for. The good thing is that once you have paid for the stickers, using them remains free for life.

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