Dropbox Free Download Web App Updated to Provide Better Image Previews

There are many cloud storage solutions available, but Dropbox has carved a niche for itself and the web app has now become much better with efficient image previews as well as the feature to view design files.

When it comes to cloud storage, a common problem faced by most vendors is file extension and compatibility. Users upload a wide range of content to the servers including M S Word files, excel files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop documents and more. No one has the patience to download each file and manually open a software to access them. Instead, people would like to instantly click on any file and be able to get a preview within the Dropbox app or website. It is tough to support all formats but the developers have been doing their best so far.

Better Image Preview

While Dropbox cannot guarantee allowing users to preview every file format, they do have to make sure images are easy to open and explore within their desktop app. The newest update which has been rolled out for the website allows you to do a lot of actions with the image including the ability to zoom in for further analysis.

The process remains the same where you have to login to your account and click on an image to open it. But instead of using the conventional tool, the updated version uses an improved version which allows you to easily zoom into any image. It makes it much easier to read fonts, know the content within and explore the picture without having to open it individually in a different software program. All types of pictures are supported in this tool including the popular JPG format, PNG, BMP and surprisingly it even allows you to open PSD files to see the image within.

Advanced Preview

For professionals who use unique file formats, the update for Dropbox is a boon. The company confirms that you will be able to view .eps files, .psd, vector graphics .svg and also .ai files from the illustrator program. Such level of convenience within the comfort of your browser has hardly been offered by any other company but the people at Dropbox have managed to accomplish a lot this time around.

The web based app will also allow you to view vector images, art boards and download them so that you could continue working with it. The advantage is that all these formats are supportedwithin the browser and doesn’t need the respective software installed on your PC.

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