WhatsApp Download – Top Encountered Problems and Their Fixes

For some new users, WhatsApp might seem hard to understand how it works, other get used to it quickly but they experience some problems and waste a lot of time looking on the internet for solutions. In this article we’ll list a few problems encountered by WhatsApp’s users and we’ll tell you how to solve them.

WhatsApp can be installed on smartphones that run on Android 2.1 or higher and it is also supported by tablets without Root or 3G. If you have a tablet that comes with WiFi support, make sure to connect to a network, to be able to download the application from whatsapp.com.

When you can’t connect to WhatsApp

Sometimes, this thing can happen and it’s is caused by the 3G connection or the poor signal of your WiFi. When you can’t send a message, check if your phone is switched on, check the internet connection, your Wifi or 3G by going to Settings > Wireless and Network. Check if there is a third party app isn’t activated and affecting WhatsApp. Another thing you can do is to empty the app cache by going to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp. If this isn’t working either, simply uninstall and reinstall the application.

When WhatsApp doesn’t recognize your contacts

Usually, this happens when you don’t have the correct contact number of your friend, or if your friend is not using WhatsApp. Also, there is a possibility to experience problems because you have an older version of the application and you have to update it. When you check your contact list, your contacts must be visible and viewable, and the same thing goes for the contact groups.

Adding international contacts

When you’re traveling to a foreign country and meet new people and want to add them to your contacts, besides the phone number, you’ll have to include the area code, otherwise the application won’t recognize the digits.

Blocking contacts

When someone annoys or harasses you, the ultimate solution is to block that person. To do that, go to the conversation you had with the respective person, tap the options button > more > block, and that’s it, you will no longer receive messages.

Don’t let the others know you’re reading their messages

The new 2.11.444 version of WhatsApp allows you to disable the blue check marks and your contacts won’t know that you’ve already received their messages. Maybe you’re not in the mood to reply, but you’re curious to see what they wrote you.

Costs for using WhatsApp

In the first year of use, WhatsApp is free. After that, you’ll pay 0.99 USD annually, and you can use your paypal account or Google Wallet to make the payment.

The checks in WhatsApp

When you see the clock symbol, you message is ready to be sent. After sending it, you’ll see one tick confirming that the message has been received by the server, and two ticks appear when your contact gets the message.

The “last seen” status

It’s a notification that everybody from your list of contacts will see and they’ll knoe when was the last time you’ve used WhatsApp. To hide this status, go to Settings > Account > Privacy and tap Last seen, select Nobody and that’s it.

Deleting your WhatsApp account

Do not mistake deleting your account with uninstalling the application. To delete your account for good, go to Menu > Settings > Account information > Delete account. To uninstall the application, go to Settings > application manager > WhatsApp > Uninstall.

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