Dragon Ball Daima: How Can Goku & Co Regain Their Adult Forms?

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Dragon Ball Daima, the continuation of the Dragon Ball franchise will have its debut at some point this fall. We can expect new exciting adventures for Goku and the gang, while they will have to find a way to regain their adult forms. That’s because a demon casts a magic spell on them that turns them into children.

At first glance, it seems that Dragon Ball Daima will be a reboot of Dragon Ball GT, the series in which Goku has also become a kid again after a mistake from the Eternal Dragon. But if we analyze the context a bit, we can rapidly realize that the release of Daima will mark 40 years since the introduction of Dragon Ball.

The original Dragon Ball series follows the adventures of Goku as a child, as he had to confront various foes and save the world from evil at some point. Therefore, Goku becoming a child again in Dragon Ball Daima is not exactly an absurd scenario, regardless of how much many Dragon Ball fans don’t like the idea. Furthermore, the forthcoming show will probably be dedicated mostly to children, so there’s no wonder why the Z warriors will also become kids. Obviously, the characters themselves won’t like the idea of becoming children, and they’ll be willing to regain their adult bodies. But how can they do it? Before trying to answer this question, let’s remind ourselves of how things looked like in Dragon Ball GT, the series that was broadcast between 1996 and 1997!

Goku fused with the Black Dragon in DBGT

In the final episodes of Dragon Ball GT, after searching for the black star dragon balls for most of the anime in order to regain his adult form, Goku fuses with the Black Dragon and turns into his adult self with angel wings and receives immortality. Thus, the black dragon balls will be inside Goku as he also gained unlimited power when he turned back into an adult.

Throughout Dragon Ball GT, Goku has to travel across the entire Galaxy along with Trunks and his granddaughter Pan to find the black star dragon balls in order to become an adult again. During his journey, Goku encounters various foes, and some of them are significantly stronger than all that he had to face in Dragon Ball Z.

How will Dragon Ball Daima make Goku & co adults again?

Probably Dragon Ball Daima won’t be as poetic as GT when it comes to how Goku will regain his adult state. Since it’s not only him who becomes a kid again, but his entire crew (Vegeta, Piccolo, Master Roshi, etc), we can realistically hope to see new exciting adventures in the show. The new villains will probably be stronger than any of those who were already shown in the franchise, in the good old Dragon Ball style.

Scenario 1: Find the demon responsible for the spell and teach him some manners

The most logical assumption is that Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the team will track down the demon responsible for turning them into kids in order to make him reverse his deed somehow. Just like in the good old Dragon Ball way, we can also realistically expect to see new turns of events and henchmen of the demon responsible for casting the evil spell. It would be too easy and boring for Goku and Vegeta to simply pound the Senzu beans out of the main villain.

If the demon is too stubborn to accept to reverse his spell, as it would be logical, we will probably see battles to the death. Once the demon is killed, his spell will also most likely go away and Goku will become an adult again with the rest of the Z warriors. But remember, this is Dragon Ball, so you’d better expect a lot of plot twists!

Scenario 2: Ask the Eternal Dragon to solve the problem

The second possibility would be for the Z warriors to simply call out the Eternal Dragon using the dragon balls and ask him to solve the problem and turn them into adults again. The second scenario would obviously rob us of the whole excitement and entertainment of a possible confrontation between the Z warriors and the demon along with his henchmen. But as we all know, you may never know for sure what’s going to happen when it comes to Dragon Ball.

What if asking the Eternal Dragon to reverse the demon’s spell would be a request beyond the powers and limits of the dragon itself? That would obviously complicate the situation a lot, meaning that Goku and the gang will probably have to search for some special dragon balls as they did in Dragon Ball GT long ago. They’ll certainly run into all sorts of trouble as they try to track down those dragon balls. What if the dragon balls they need to find exist in another universe? If that’s the case, Goku’s instant transmission technique cannot do the trick and instantly send them there anymore. In other words, Goku, Vegeta, and the rest will have a lot to worry about in the upcoming anime!

Stay tuned for news regarding Dragon Ball Daima, as we will certainly learn a lot more about the upcoming series in the following weeks or months!


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