Dragon Ball Daima: Five Insane Plots That Could Happen in the Show!

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2024 is just around the corner, and it will bring us a brand-new Dragon Ball anime in the Fall. It’s called “Dragon Ball Daima,” and although there’s still a lot to learn about what we can expect to see in the show, we are free to speculate.

In general, Dragon Ball is well-known for constantly trying to surprise the fans, and we can expect the same from Dragon Ball Daima. The new anime will have Goku & Co. turning into kids because of some spell issued by a demon, which means that the fans are already into two large groups: those who hate the idea and those who love it.

However, we can still expect Dragon Ball Daima to surprise us in some unique ways. Let’s see some of the most insane possible plots that we could see in the show:

Frieza defeated by Vegeta

Vegeta defeating Frieza is one of the most burning wishes among the fans, and we could certainly expect it to happen at some point. Long ago, Vegeta was Frieza’s faithful servant, but the Saiyan Prince rebelled against his boss. Vegeta also found out that Frieza is responsible for destroying planet Vegeta along with the vast majority of the Saiyan race.

In other words, Vegeta has all the reasons to hate Frieza with all he has and be willing to defeat him. Judging by the Dragon Ball Super Manga, Frieza has a new form that makes him even stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. Therefore, we might see Frieza being the new villain again, although we’re not sure that Dragon Ball Daima will follow the same timeline as Dragon Ball Super. Either way, seeing Frieza defeated by Vegeta can only delight a lot of fans.

Perfect Cell Max

The latest Dragon Ball movie was called “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” it came out last year, and it had Cell Max as the main villain. In other words, the classic Dragon Ball Z villain Cell was brought back in a new form and with improved powers by Dr. Hedo, a fresh member of the Red Ribbon Army. Even so, Cell Max was in an undeveloped form, as he was released much earlier because of an emergency. But all the fans want to see how the plot might have developed if Cell Max had been in his fully developed state. Such a perfected form could be known as Perfect Cell Max, and it would clearly be significantly more powerful than Cell Max.

While Gohan and Piccolo took care of Cell Max in the latest Dragon Ball movie, it would be reasonable for Goku and Vegeta to handle the perfected form of the villain in the future of the franchise. Maybe we will see that happening in Dragon Ball Daima. Who knows?

Bulma going Super Saiyan

Picture this: Bulma, the wife of Vegeta, finds out that she’s been lied to her whole life and that she isn’t an Earthling. Instead, she finds out that she’s also a Saiyan who landed on Earth on a spaceship when she was a baby. And, therefore, she would be willing to take advantage of her Saiyan heritage and learn martial arts. Slowly but surely, she’ll be on her way to becoming the first female Super Saiyan of Universe 7 (Kale and Caulifa are from Universe 6). Bulma couldn’t be able to go Super Saiyan Blue, however, because she already has blue hair.

Dragon Ball is well-known for revealing stuff of the past that the fans had no idea about. The franchise revealed Goku’s true origin as an alien only in Dragon Ball Z when he was an adult. Back in the first Dragon Ball series, when Goku was a kid, nobody had any idea that he was a Saiyan from planet Vegeta, a member of a race of criminals and space pirates, and that he became good only because he got hit in the head when he was a baby.

Of course, all these insane plots are more speculative at the moment. There’s no definitive reason to believe that any of them will come true in Dragon Ball Daima.

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