WhatsApp Free Download 2.12.80 APK BETA – 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi Best Voice Calls

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is developing quite fast. Right before it was brought by Facebook, the WhatsApp application “suffered” a lot of changes, some of them were received pretty well by the users but some of them didn’t.

One of the latest features that WhatsApp has received is the Voice Calling one. This feature allows you to make calls on WhatsApp via the internet connection 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. The downside of this feature is that it uses a lot of data, almost as much as the popular Skype. That would not be a problem if the feature was working smoothly, as it is working on Skype, but it seems that the WhatsApp developers are working real hard on improving it.

WhatsApp users reported that the Voice Calling feature is not working as it should. According to them, while using the Voice Calling feature, the call will either lag a lot or even interrupt for no reason. The same users reported that they didn’t have any problems with the internet connection, which means that the issue should be on the WhatsApp servers or on the WhatsApp client.

It seems that the developers are releasing a new BETA version of WhatsApp every 2-3 days and we think that with these new releases they are trying to test out the Voice Calling feature and figure out what’s seems to be the problem.

However, in case you don’t have a big data plan from your carrier, we suggest you to use this feature only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, because otherwise you might lose all your MB within a few minutes while making voice calls.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp 2.12.80 on an Android smartphone

WhatsApp 2.12.80 APK file can be downloaded from the internet, from websites such as APKMirror. After downloading the APK file on your Android device, you will just need to enable the Unknown Sources in order to be allowed to install the APK file.

Depending on the Android version your smartphone is running, you will find this option on Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Once you’re there, look for the Unknown Sources option and make sure that the box that’s in front of it is checked.

Now that you have the Unknown Sources option enabled, you will be able to install the WhatsApp 2.12.80 APK file on your Android smartphone and start using the latest features that this application comes with.

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