Download WhatsApp 2.12.74 APK – Install Latest Version On Android

It seems WhatsApp is the application of the moment, because more and more people are installing it on their mobile devices in order to keep in touch with their friends, families, acquaintances, workmates etc. The application uses the Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection, allowing you to send messages and make free Voice Call to your friends who live all over the world.

Currently, the application has over 800 million active users and it is growing faster than before, mostly because of the new Voice Calling feature that it was just added a while ago. However, it seems that the developers will still need to work on the Voice Calling feature, as it doesn’t come with the best quality. Many users reported that the Voice Calling feature on WhatsApp is lagging or it is interrupting, even if the internet connection is not lost. This means that there is an internal issue on WhatsApp’s servers, which need to be fixed as soon as possible.

WhatsApp’s developers are constantly releasing new versions and the latest BETA versions they’ve released were showing that they are working on the Voice Calling feature. This means that sooner or later, WhatsApp will have a Voice Calling feature that it will be as good as Skype’s Voice calling feature, but now, there is a big problem with WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature which is “eating” almost as much data as Skype, although it doesn’t provide HD quality calls. Because it is using so much data, we expect that the developers will make the quality even better than it is right now.

We remind you that in order to use WhatsApp, you will need to pay 0.99 dollars for an entire year (after the trial period ends).

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.74 APK on Android

WhatsApp 2.12.74 APK file can be downloaded from the internet. In case you don’t know where to download it from, you can just do a simple Google search and you will find websites that are hosting the APK file.

We remind you that in order to install an “unofficial” APK file on an Android device, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option (go to Settings->Applications or Settings->Security and check the box in front of the option). When this option is enabled, go to the folder where you’ve saved the WhatsApp 2.12.74 APK file and install it on your phone.

After installing WhatsApp 2.12.74 on Android, use the mobile phone number to get verified and start using the new WhatsApp version.

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