Strava Arrives on Spotify With New Features Available

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Amazing news for Strava users: the app has finally made its way to Spotify! Spotify and Strava have announced a sleek collab to allow listening controls to be added straight to the fitness app. To recall, anyone that used the fitness tracker to record had actually to switch to the Spotify app, which was time-consuming, and sometimes people might lose interest in it.

How does it work now for Strava users? Well, it’s pretty simple. A little widget for Spotify will pop up right in the bottom left of the recording screen after you verify that you wish to access the music service via the fitness app. So, you’ll notice that when you click it, a box with options to pause or even alter the currently playing audio appears over the whole map. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Imagine how many Strava users are now happy and ready to improve their in-app experience, both online and offline!

See it for youself below how Strava works with Spotify:

Credit: Spotify

Mateo Ortega, who is Strava’s Vice President of Connected Partnerships, explained:

This new feature further solidifies Strava’s position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava.

And it’s about to get better! Although Spotify has 500 million monthly active users, and there are numerous fitness tracker rivals on the market, Strava claims to have 100 million users globally. The integration shows Strava intends to maintain and expand its status.

The connection is also flawless for those who just like podcasts and audiobooks! Additionally, users may “simply tap into the inspiration that gets them going,” based on the new capabilities. However, for those who are unfamiliar with this fitness program, Strava offers a wide range of offline capabilities, too, so you don’t have to worry! That includes something called “statmaps,” which color-code your workout maps based on factors like speed, pace, heart rate, elevation, power, and, of course, time.

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