Download WhatsApp 2.12.14 Latest APK For Nokia S60

Good things come to those who wait and the Symbian users have been waiting for a new WhatsApp version, which was released a few days ago. Unfortunately, not many have changed in this version, but at least it has the option to disable the two blue ticks, which allowed the sender to know if the recipient has read his/her message. This new beta version inherited some of the changes that were brought on the previous versions, consisting of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Nokia S60 OS was launched in 2002, along with the Nokia 7650 smartphone and until 2008, it received five updated editions and in 2010, it was replaced by Symbian^3. One year later, Nokia released Symbian Anna, then the company renamed it Nokia Belle and released two feature packs for the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 devices. The end of the Symbian era came in April 2011, after Nokia teamed up with Microsoft and adopted the Windows Phone 7 OS.

If you happen to have an old Symbian phone and want to install WhatsApp on it, the good news is that this operating system is supported, but it rarely receives updates for this application. Recently, WhatsApp released the 2.12.14 version which it allows you to disable the annoying blue ticks which were introduced in November and which weren’t well-received by the users who considered this option an invasion of their privacy. The Symbian users requested the removal of this option and back in March, the 2.12.1 beta version came with the option to disable the blue ticks (from Options>Settings>General>Privacy).

The new version doesn’t support voice calling, so if you want to have this feature enabled on your device, buy a new one that runs on Android, BlackBerry 10 or iOS. For now, all you can do on WhatsApp for Symbian is to access your account from your computer by opening one of the three supported browsers: Opera, Firefox or Chrome and typing in the address bar. When the page loads, you’ll see a QR code which you will need to scan with your smartphone’s camera, but you must run WhatsApp on your mobile device and to go to the Settings, where you’ll see the WhatsApp Web option. After scanning the QR code, your devices will sync instantly and you will receive messages on both of them.

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