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So, why do you think that you need to always download the very latest version of the Google Play Store? Well, in all honesty there are a number of reasons and it is important to look at what they are in order to convince you that it is in your best interests to go ahead and get that file.

The Main Reasons To Stay Updated.

First, by having the latest version it does mean that the interface is going to be the most up to date and, in turn, your actual experience of using the app is going to be far superior. It will be faster, easier to navigate, and have less bugs in it as they will have corrected any issues that have cropped up since the previous update. You are going to also find a quicker search facility, so when you are hunting for that all important app it is just good to see it there in a matter of seconds.

Next, it is also going to be safer for you from a security point of view as there are always a number of flaws that are just waiting to be exploited by those people that are that way inclined. It also gives you some extra confidence in the apps that you then download as the actual software that you are using has the latest technology that is specifically designed to look after the end user, which is you.

How To Check You Have The Latest Version.

How do you even know that you have the latest version of the Google Play Store? The easiest way is to go to where the initial download is stored on your device and check the number and compare that to the number that appears on the app download in the store itself. If they do not correlate, then you are missing out and to be honest the average person takes a number of weeks to update this app, so you are not alone.

If the number is different, then you simply have to download the latest update, check the unknown sources button on your device settings, then follow the same installation procedure as you did before. If you are new to this, then it basically means clicking on the app download, clicking on the package install option, changing any permissions, and hitting install. Finally, remember to change the unknown sources back to its previous settings after it has installed or you are putting yourself in some danger.

So, with the latest version of the Google Play Store;

  • It is important to download it because of security reasons.
  • It will give you the best interface.
  • It will be faster and the search will be better.
  • Check the download number with the package number for the latest version.
  • Download and install if the numbers are different.

Getting the latest version is quick and easy and you are advised to check if there is an update on a regular basis. The Google Play Store is an essential piece of kit for your Android device, so why make your app downloading life harder than it needs to be when downloading and installing this app is absolutely free and so easy to do?

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