Download and Install WhatsApp Plus 6.70 Stable APK on Your Android Device

There is no popular instant messaging app than WhatsApp.

With a user base of over 800 million people and a sign up rate of over 1 million people per day, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the leading provider of instant messaging and voice calling services.

However, there is another of WhatsApp’s own prototype that has come to haunt it and its name is WhatsApp Plus. Even though this app might not be very popular, the rate at which its gaining popularity is alarming. Created from a tweaked WhatsApp code, WhatsApp Plus offers the same services WhatsApp offers. However, it adds more than a little more functionality to these services, allowing users to play around with the settings of the app.

WhatsApp Plus came into being around 2012 and since then, it has had enjoyed mixed reception in the technological world. First Google kicked it out of the Play Store and just recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp started banning any WhatsApp account that had any associations with the clone app. These bans affected users for about 24 hours, with some cases extending up to 72 hours. This was because of the threat WhatsApp Plus posed to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus 6.70 APK stable download

This ban did not deter the efforts of WhatsApp Plus developers and they went ahead to launch a ban-free version of WhatsApp Plus.In fact, this version was mainly looking to better what WhatsApp had done as there was so little to improve on. Features like the blue ticks were amazing, but WhatsApp Plus allows users to play with them more than WhatsApp. For instance, while both apps allow users to hide the blue ticks, it is only the clone app that allows you to see the blue ticks while hiding the same for your friends.

WhatsApp Plus further allows users to change more features of the app including background, font sizes and colors as well as wallpapers.

The stable version of WhatsApp Plus is v6.70 and even though this app is not available in the Play Store, it can be downloaded from the official website of the app. The best part is that this version is ban-free. However, if your account had already been banned by WhatsApp, it is not possible to start using the ban-free version. This app only works for new users and they will remain ban-free forever.

Installing WhatsApp Plus 6.70 APK stable version on Android

Since this is an APK file, installing it on your Android device would require that the security or application settings be tweaked. Ensure that the “Unknown sources” option is checked and then proceed with installing WhatsApp Plus.

You must however remove the original WhatsApp just in case you already installed it on your phone. There is nothing to worry about your messages and contacts. The two apps use the same contacts and it is possible to restore the previous messages to the newly installed WhatsApp Plus.

Remember, WhatsApp Plus offers the same services offered on WhatsApp and it is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives you can find out there.

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