Windows Download Updates; Beware If Your Windows is Pirated

Windows Download Updates; Beware If Your Windows is Pirated

If you have been running a pirated copy of Windows, whether 7 or Vista, or one that has a non-genuine activation key, your days are numbered, thanks to Microsoft’s updates, KB971033 and KB940510.

These updates will sniff out users like you- those that have installed activation exploits (note that if you got Windows from someone at a few dollars- $10 or 20- you perfectly fit this group).

Disadvantages of pirated software

What is the big deal, anyway? Your software has been functioning perfectly, and you do not see what all the fuss about a Windows update is about.

Here is why you should think of getting genuine software:

  • Pirated software intrudes on your privacy
  • Data loss
  • Financial losses and added costs
  • Wasted time as you try to fix system issues
  • It is counterfeit

What the update is meant to do

The update that will detect pirated Windows 7 software is numbered KB971033 and is referred to as WAT-Windows Activation Technology. It will be able to detect over 70 known activation exploits (exploits replace or modify authentic components of Windows. When present they indicate that a vendor tampered with authentic software to aid in the sale of counterfeit software, which compromises on the security and privacy of your computer).

If the update detects pirated windows software, you will promptly be downgraded to non-genuine status.

How to know that your copy of Windows is pirated

  • Your wallpaper background will change to black
  • Notifications will keep popping up
  • A report will be sent to Microsoft every 90 days

If the background of your wallpaper keeps changing to black, you can reset it to something else, though it will keep resetting itself to black after an hour. The notifications act as reminders that your operating system has been found to be pirated and that you need to ‘come clean’ and get authorized via purchase of a new Windows 7 license.

The notifications can appear when booting, log in, main screen windows, or as taskbar pop ups. Moreover, the WAT will send a report to Microsoft after 90 days to inform them whether you have purchased a new license key. The WAT does connect to servers, even if they have been blocked by firewall policy.

The other side of the coin

You have to choose whether to install the update or not. It is advisable to manually set what updates you want to install, since validation tools could easily lock you out of the system, even if your copy of Windows is genuine.

Windows Vista

The Windows Vista update that functions in the same way as the WAT is the KB940510. Just like its counterpart, you have an option to install it or not.

All in all, counterfeit software, though cheap, comes with a load of problems, from malware to problems with installation, to being duds(software that can’t be installed). Even if Microsoft’s update will sniff you out, you better be on the safe side. You never know what improvements Microsoft is working on. Very soon, the update may be automated, and it may not only detect pirated software, but also disable it completely.

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