Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Updates, Characters, and New Content

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Credit: Disney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley gets updated once in a while, and with the next one coming in the early summer of 2023, the game will see a lot of changes. There’s also a lot more coming, including additional Star Paths, characters, and maybe even recipes. How cool is that?! Now, thanks to a new r, roadmap, we know exactly what to expect and when we’ll see the updates kick in.

Check out what the official page of Disney Dreamlight Valley posted on Twitter:

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update release

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley is set for early summer 2023, most likely in June. The latest update aired in April, so based on this, we could expect a two-month window release. The official roadmap also has some useful sneak peek, including the fact that players will be able to “unveil the secret to The Forgetting.” Also, a princess is hinted to “race into the Valley.” How cool is that?!

Credit: Disney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley early access details

As previously seen, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s early access has been released this January.

The early access also shows the new characters, including Simba from The Lion King and Mirabel from Encanto, as well as exclusive new regions. The Pride Lands realm and Simba and Nala were included in the second update, which was released in April, and the following update is expected to happen sometime in the early summer.

Other key details about Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although there are some hints and sneak peeks in some social media teases and the game’s 2023 roadmap, there are actually no exact dates set for releases planned beyond the April update. The only thing that offers us something useful is the teaser image that tells about a “princess races into the valley.” That is also said to discover the mystery of the pumpkin in the early summer.

Could it be Vanellope von Schweetz or Cinderella? It remains to be seen.

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